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(One of) ...The stupidest things I've done outdoors

It was in South Texas about six years ago with a couple of friends on a cow hunt.

We had gathered and penned about eighty head out of a 2,000 acre pasture my friend had leased and was selling to a contract buyer coming the next morning. We planned on camping at these pens that night, load the next morning, get his check, and then we'd head for the house.

So after we got everything squared away we get to drinking some cold beer. We spent about two hours sitting around a mesquite wood fire congratulating ourselves on how smart we were, and how everything had gone so smooth that day.

After a couple of hours we had managed to drink what must have been about a Kazillion beers, so we decided it was time to cook some steaks and potatos for supper.

We found some cinder blocks to put around the fire to hold up a grill and were just about to lay these big old steaks on the grill, and put these potatos to cook.

I like an idiot, and a rather drunk one at that, reached over to adjust the cinder blocks, picking one of them up with my bare hand. I actually was so drunk, I picked it up and held it till my hand sobered up enough to realize what an assinine act it had committed.

I spent the next hour with my idiot hand buried down in the ice chest, watching my two (so-called) pals rolling on the ground laughing at how funny it was to see some fool reach over and pick up something which had lain in a mesquite fire for two full hours.

I've done other stupid stuff, but this is one of the dumbest.
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