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Thanks for the replies guys

The place I am thinking about going is pretty unusual. They pretty much allow any weapon to be used on the hogs, even samurai swords. I have to find the website again... its on my other computer. The other outfit I found offer hunts with bows, shotguns, or rifles. I will probably bring both the rifle and shotgun along for the ride, but I sure as heck don't plan to carry both of them out with me.

For hog hunts using dogs, I understand the range the hogs are shot at are pretty close. In that case, in think the shotgun would be far better than the rifle. Am I correct? A buddy of mine even suggested using the .357 mag since the hogs in FL don't get as big. I will probably go with the shotgun with slugs and the .357 mag as backup.

Capp35: The dogs are for the hog hunt, not the deer.

Thanks for the info guys. I'll let you know how it goes.
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