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Originally Posted by jailbait's_revenge
technically so is wally-world. even though they sell them, they don't want you to carry them into thier stores. around here, they are so strict about weapons being in the store, that when you buy one the manager has to walk you to your car and place it in your trunk.

just make sure your pistol isn't imprinting when you go in and you'll be fine.
I believe the policy to walk you outside is a nationwide policy. They do it here in Arizona also. They only walk you outside though. I believe they do it so you are not roaming the store with a firearm that you just purchased. If you were to load that firearm and use it - it would cost them a lot in a civil case. The local Sams Club and Wal-Mart here do not restrict at all. I have seen open carry left and right. Nobody says anything to them. I like shopping at the Sams and Wal-Mart so I hope they don't change their policy. I used to like Costco also, but I stay away now.
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