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Getting into hunting

Hi guys. I'm looking into getting into hunting and will probably start with wild boar. I think I will go on a guided hunt since it is my first time. I believe that the guides will be using dogs. This will most likely be in the Central Florida area near Lake Okechobee. I'm not sure what size they get up to and would like some information on what would be my ideal weapon and what type of ammo I should use.

I have a Remington 870 and recently purchase a Sako 75 in .30-06. I plan to carry my Ruger GP-100 in .357 mag as backup. I heard that dog hunts typically involve shorter range shots where shotguns are ideal. For boar, should I use slugs or buck shot. I heard those things are really tough and I'd be concerned about penetration from buck shot. At the same time, I don't want to hit the guide's dogs.

I'd aprecciate any info and wisdom you guys can pass on. If anyone from the south Florida area is interested in going, maybe we can get something organized.
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