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Airsoft for home training

I was glad to see the article, 'Home on the Range' in the 25th Anniversary issue.

Most articles and reviews are based more for those military personel, law enforcement officers, tactical junkies and people who live out in the boonies who have all the time, money and space to go to training centers or have a place to set up a practice range outside.

This article makes it a reality that many people live in the city and not right off some huge tactical shooting range in their backyard.

Using an airsoft gun for practicing inside your home is a great alternative to when you can't practice the movements that you could at a range where you can use a real firearm.

I used to have one of those cheapy $40 MP5 spring-loaded Airsoft rifles. The thing was a piece of junk, but for awhile, I was doing the same thing the article had to say. I set up targets around my house with a backstop behind them and practiced moving around my home taking shots at the targets, behind corners, furniture and in different positions.

No, Airsoft does not give 100% the same practice and feel of a real firearm, but the point is to be able to practice the movements that we can't at our local ranges with strict rules such as drawing from a holster and shooting up close. It's better to have some type of training with a "toy" gun than none at all.

I'm thinking of getting back into training with Airsoft and get the better quality Airsoft handgun which weigh and operate more like a real firearm.

Just a quick mention though. Even though Airsoft is relatively safe for indoor use when using a towel or cardboard box as a backstop, airsoft pellets do travel at a good amount of speed and caution should be used if you're shooting around breakable materials. I wouldn't recommend setting up a target next to your windows, fine china or Plasma TV where they could be damaged if you missed your target.
I hit my walls a couple times with Airsoft pellets and they do leave a little dent in the surface.
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