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A few brass questions, and 38spl ?

I've never reloaded .38's (special) but will be starting soon. I've been collecting the brass from the range (when I see someone shooting factory, I ask, I get) and my own. The questions:

1. Brass that is marked +P......I assume (always dangerous) that it can be loaded with normal loads and nothing is different from non +P brass or is it?

2. I got a bunch of once fired Speers brass today from another shooter, it looks fine, is it good brass? Any .38 brass to avoid?

3. General brass question. In all of the reload manuals that I have they say to keep brass by manufacturer and by lot and load as such. I do load by Manuf. but not necessarily by lot (only by accident). I've only mixed brands by accident and not out of habit but I see many who do load mixed brass. Are there any data, etc., that cover this subject in a definitive manner one way or the other?
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