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Say and do as you will (protest, boycott), but you'll NEVER find that "the common man" will be comfortable with the carrying of firearms by anybody else.
This has no effect on my behaviour, however.

"Don't ask, don't tell", and "concealed means concealed" are the obvious points here.
Those worried about "being made" more than about self-protection have their priorities wrong and also obviously lack knowledge and ability to effectively and thoroughly conceal a sidearm.

To all such discussions I offer my standard response:
Carry at all times unless some external "detector" makes such impractical or impossible, due to the inconvenience or other difficulty encountered in explaining yourself to agents of "the state".
I either avoid such circumstances, or endure them as little as needs be (such as when testifying in court).
The paper "legality" of CCW at any particular place or time is an effort by lawmakers to restrict the potentially-injurious actions of violent sociopaths. Unfortunately, those efforts simply don't work, and criminal sociopaths don't obey those laws.
If you are a morally-upright, courageous, mentally-stable and sensible person, you have fulfilled the SPIRIT of the law, since you are no danger to the innocent.
If you carry discreetly and don't draw attention to yourself, no one will know if you are armed or not, and no one will be harmed by your discreet CCW, yet you WILL be capable of an armed response if a deadly threat requiring such appears.
Post office? Hospital? School? What difference does it really make?
Understand, I'm NOT advocating ANYTHING LIKE wanton disobedience to authority or disregard for rule. I'm speaking of MORAL issues which both underlie and supercede codified laws.
Some folks may find this beyond their comprehension, though those of us who have done this for decades, and have thought through the moral principles involved have no difficulty with the concept.
"Humani nihil alienum"
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