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I rec'd a reply letter from Craig Boddington recently. I'd written to him about his extensive use of magnum rifles. My letter was not nasty; I'd simply wanted to know why he chose a 7mm MAG for a tree stand deer hunt in Missouri where the shooting distance was less than 100 yards.

His reply was very polite. He is tasked by his Publisher to go huntin' and write articles. The rifles are rarely his choice. He shared that his father hunted moose in Alaska twice with a .308 carbine and had very good results.

Boddington closed by stating that an elk hunter focused on a big trophy herd bull may not always be presented with a good broadside shot. It might be running through the trees. He suggested that taking this shot with a magnum rifle is the best choice due to velocity, energy, etc. Personally, I would not fire that kind of wounding shot at all. I don't believe breaking an animal down by smashing its pelvis is ethical. But I guess that's where I'll end this note.
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