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I've got a CZ 452, a newly acquired Brno Mod 1 ( CZ 452's grampa), an older Marlin 80, 81DL and a model 781. 80 and 781 have the Micro-Groove barrel, 81DL is an older model, pre Micro-Groove. I just ended up shooting this past Sunday (the day I got the Brno) about 400 or so rounds out of my 5 rimfires. I took my 10/22, CZ 452, Brno mod 1, Glenfield 60 and Marlin 80. The other 5 stayed home.

Brno turned in by far the best performance, 10/22 and 452 tied for second, Marlin 80 was 4th and Glenfield 60 had the worst accuracy compared to others.
Here's a 5 shot group, first group shot with Wolf MT. It turned out groups like this with Remington Subsonics as well, just not as regularly. Mind you, this was my first time shooting this rifle, 9 power scope on it. 50 yards. Inner bullseye is 1/2 inch across.

Marlin 80 came close on a few ocassions, but is severly hampered by a 100 lb trigger (sure seems like it is that bad), and a weird trigger geometry/feel. I'm gonna have to grind it down some and smooth it out.

I'm sure both the 39 and 452 are great rifles, different philosphies applied nevertheless. You can't go wrong with either one. But my nod is towards the CZ of course.

And for the people who talk smack about the CZ quality and accuracy....please, post here once you're sober and off of drugs!!!!!!
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