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saying these "blanket statements" depicts ignorance! Just go to RFC, ( Cz in 22lr will make a 39 get on it knees and beg-I have a cz lux, its been free floated, and it shoots.... VERY WELL
This is 10 shots using cheapish ammo on a calm day, two separate groups!

I will take all of you in an internet RF duel between my Cz and your confounded marlins-I had a marlin after my 10/22-sold it because of bolt problems and poor accuracy!
Ahh, a good old bolt action,a bolt is a remedy for time, afternoons with our fathers and their fathers, for the mighty olympic shooters, for the wanna be's,for the time of youth in the woods, for the young.......the old, it is timeless, classic, sleek-a piece of art forever to remain in our memories, our hearts, our future.
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