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I have both and MY CZ will handily outshoot MY 39. Go over to and check out the CZ forums. CZs have gained a large following in the past few years. Here is mine with a 10 shot group @ 50 yards. With a good trigger things would be tighter - lot of creep but not too difficult to get an outstanding trigger with Brooks kit.

My 39 had an incredibly heavy, gritty 7.5lb trigger pull out of the box. Pretty much worthless for any kind of precision. I worked on it and it turned out to be the best trigger of any of my rimfire rifles. Still , does not shoot anywhere near as well as my $189 CZ Special with the creepy trigger.

If I were offered a million bucks to shoot 5 shots under an inch @ 100 yards with a 22lr I sure as hec would not be picking MY 39 over MY CZ!
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