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Accuracy, especially in .22LR's is very variable.
You could get a really great CZ and a rare factory defective Marlin, and the CZ would out-shoot the Marlin.

Another variable is ammo.
22's are "picky" about their ammo, and a brand that shoots fantastic groups in one rifle will group poorly in another rifle of the same make and age.

What many .22 shooters looking for the best accuracy do, is buy a box of every brand and type of ammo they can find, and shoot it for groups.
When you find one that THAT specific rifle "likes", buy a bunch of it.

The Marlin has a LONG reputation for astounding accuracy, and the heavy Marlin "Micro-Groove" barrel is famous for turning in near-target rifle groups.

An added plus is, the 39 is still made the same way it was 100 years ago: Of solid forged and milled steel, and American Walnut.

The CZ is a nice rifle.
The Marlin 39 is an American Legend.
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