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Hats Off to the Moderators!

I've looked through a LOT of different forums that deal with many different topics (I'm not just a gun-nut, you see ), and in most, the moderators are either little Hitlers on a power trip, or they don't moderate at all to where the forum becomes nothing more than an "after-school fight in the playground" among participants.

But I have to weigh in here and say that in all the threads I've seen closed among the different forum topics here in TFL, you mods seem to have a really good handle on what's good and what's not.
It always seems that you let people hang themselves with at least two posts beyond where you could close it to make sure that the thread is already dead before you bury it.

I've moderated other forums myself and I know how much time you can spend doing your (highly unpaid) "job", so I thought it would be appropriate of me to simply say Thank You for helping to keep TFL held up to a much higher standard than many other forums of this type.

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