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I've got that one (Birchwood Casey) and the smaller one for .22s, and I say, save your money. They don't work very well - sometimes yes, sometimes no. But you have to have them set up and angled *perfectly* for them to flip up without "knocking through" and coming full circle back down, and yet at the same time not be stopped so well by the top that the top will actually release the other 2 when hit. I don't have 30 minutes extra at the beginning of each range session to spend downrange (making everyone else wait), while I hammer & tilt & kick the dirt, trying to set them just so. If I were you, I'd instead get a dueling tree - there's a brand they sell at Sportsman's Warehouse that looks very well made, and not too pricey.

BUT, having said that, it appears as though they MAY have improved the design, such that they work better now - dunno - but buyer beware.

You don't have to have two people to use a dueling tree. Just shoot them to one side. Then shoot them back to the other. Much more positive of a "reset" mechanism than the type I have and you linked to.
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