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it wouldnt take much at all really,

create a section called "reviews"

3 sub forums




create a sub forum for each manufactor which would take someone who knows all the ones or atleast most of the ones out there , then

in each sub forum you create a thread for the specific weapon, and each reply is the indaviduals review of the weapon

it would end up being a few hundred threads im sure but from just searching around the boards for the last couple days you can find hundreds if not thousands of topics asking for a review of this gun or that gun

those could all then be moved or merged into the review thread about that weapon. i would even volunteer to help maintain the review section to make sure thats all that is being put in there

set some rules for the section like. first person to start a thread for a specific weapon that is not already listed would have to link a pic from the manufactures website for refrence and add all the info from there site aswell ie. size cal. wieght color. msrp ect ect ect and then there review

once everything is set up it will all be very simple to use and keep track of.

im pretty sure the moderators could set it up to where a reply does not bump the topic to the top so they will always be in the same order for future refrence

again i would be willing to help with this, i know i can set it up in no time on the invision boards and if this board is similar i could set it up pretty quick and easy

anyway just something to think about

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