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FF I have mounted a few pendulum sights on bows for other folks. They are fine if you want them, as with any equipment.
Just remember to aim for the exit hole from an elevated stand not the enterance. I am sure you know this but I will explain for the sake of explaining.

Aim your shot to come out in the kill zone on the exit side of the animal. It will be high on the enterance side but imagine the arrow passing thru and exiting in the ten ring (heart).
It has been my experience that high shots from elevated stands tend to kill deer quicker than low. The arrow must be exiting in the right place. High enterance lung shots leave little blood if they don't exit.

BTW, 45 yards past my shot last night, I found my doe piled up. High lung shot, a little farther back than I wanted but insta-kill none-the-less.
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