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When I used to hunt with clubs I saw many cases of "magnumitis". Asking someone why they need a .300 magnum for a 120lb deer doesn't make you many friends. The ability to shoot well is much more important than the "power" of the rifle. I watched a guy stand on his truck box and unload his .300 mag at a running deer that was at least 400 yards across a field. When he was finished, his nose was bleeding but I don't think the deer was.

I've always done very well with standard cartridges. I currently have a 30/06, a .308 and a .35 remington. I hunted with a .270 for many years. It was an excellent performer at longer ranges but I had problems with bullets "punching through" without expanding at close range, unless solid bone was hit. While I never lost one, I did have to trail a couple much farther than I should have.

My .35 rem performs much better than it should if you look at paper ballistics. Maybe there is something to "big and slow".

I hunt in extremely thick cover, most of the time. When I absolutely need to drop one where it stands, I'll shoot it in the scapula. It ruins the shoulder, but they drop.

Bullet placement is even more important with handgun hunting, but that's another thread.

Good luck to everyone this season.
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