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To answer the original question. . .

I bought one. I was tight on jack, and some gun is better than no gun, you know?

I put a lot of rounds through it. A LOT. reliably. It started pooping on me...ftf, ftf, ftf. Real annoying. It wouldn't shoot to point of aim.

So, it turns out they make a taller sight for it. I got me one of them, it started shooting where I pointed it. After some research, I discovered blowback pistols (the kind Hi-point c9's are) are prone to weakening the firing spring and pin.

Hi-Point was awesome about shipping whatever I needed next-day air. And now, it's a pretty good gun. it's heavy, ugly, feels like the trigger contains about a pound of sand behind its sixty pund pull, and that son of a gun sprays lead every single time. It is world's greatest truck gun.

I shot my CCW exam with it.

For the money, you can't beat it. I hated this thing, and now I kind of like it. CajunBass is pretty good with ' might chat with him.

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