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It took me a little while to get my wife to sit down and help out with this but we got it done with some interesting results. Hope it helps. Marcus

A) NAA Mini .22mag.
1) d? To the right of the web at the base of the index finger.
2) c
3) a
4) a
5) .22 magum rimfire
6) c, believe it or not
7) factory tiny birdhead grips
8) a
Notes: Made her giggle,until she shot it.

B) Colt Government .380 PocketLite
1) c
2) b/c , c with the factory grips but just a little toward b with thicker stocks
3) e
4) b
5) .380 ACP
6) b
7) sim mother of pearl engraved Hello Kitty grips
8) a
Note: Her favorite. The controls fall easily to hand for her and she shoots it really well.

C) Kahr P-40
1) b, not real bad
2) b
3) d
4) b
5) .40 S&W
6) c
7) na
8) a
Notes: She liked the feel and fit in her hand as well as the short,smooth DAO trigger. The sharp recoil and muzzle flip eliminate it as a serious choice for her.

D) CZ-75B
1) b
2) b
3) c
4) c
5) 9mm
6) a
7) Hogue cocobolo grips,very slim
8) a
Notes: Felt a little big to her. Suprisingly the rather long DA pull didn`t bother her.

E) S&W 28
1) a
2) a
3) b
4) a
5) .357 magnum
6) b/c depending on the load
7) Miculek pau ferro wood competition grips with open backstrap
8) a
Notes: Didn`t like it at all. Too heavy,too big,too awkward. Had a hard time with the DA pull.

F) Auto Mag Model 180 (just for fun)
1) a
2) a
3) e
4) b
5) .44 AMP
6) c
7) Eagle checkered rosewood grips
8) a
Notes: The trigger reach didn`t work for her at all,it turned it so far in her hand it was practically pointed sideways. FWIW I wear a mens large or x large glove and I can`t comfortably engage the trigger with the distal crease of my trigger finger. I use the pad. In contrast the grip was very managable for her. She`s never actually shot this one but she wouldn`t care for it.
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