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Hi Pax;

SO far these are the 4 that fit my wifes small hands (5'3", 110 lbs, size 0,1)

S&W J frame (airweight model 38 bodyguard) with pachmeyer 3 finger rubber grips (not boot grips) this little airweight recoils enough and she wants a firm full hand grip.

Colt Gov't .380 (her favorite, since she picked it out herself even tho all the men said don't go single action ) BTW, she has small hands but also has less strength (maybe) in her fingers? She prefers the single action trigger over the double action because it is easier and has less travel - something to think of that myself and the other men never considerred.

Sig P239 - the single stack magaznie gives this a much smaller grip - she still thinks the gun is "too heavy" tho. And the trigger is getting to the far edge of her reach - which is why she likes the single action trigger the best. This has the finger grove rubber aftermarket grips on it.

Kahr's we don't own one but when handling at the gunshow she really liked the grip - not as happy with the longer double action trigger.

Hope this helps.
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