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Recently bought a handgun for my girl. Can't give you any objective data (sorry), but I can tell you what she liked. We looked mostly at single stack 9mms, since she really didn't like shooting my double stack 9s (Berettas). Her glove size is small.

SIG P239 - We ended up buying this. Very good fit, and due to the weight of the gun very mild recoil. I've put about 300 rounds through this gun myself and cannot say enough good things about it. The only thing I do not like is the location of the slide stop. It's the last control towards the rear of the gun, making it hard to use.

Lady Smith - This fit her her the best. It was very close between this and the SIG P239.

9mm 1911 - She really liked the grip, but felt the gun would be too heavy.

Walther P99 - Liked the grip on this as well, but we didn't shoot this one.

Springfield XD 9mm sub compact - Liked the grip, but the recoil was too harsh for her. Combination of short barrel and polymer gun. I didn't even like the recoil on this one.

Beretta PX4 - A double stack, but the grip fit her much better than my 92FS and Elite II.
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