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Threegun: Thanks for the downside from someone who actually has experience with Hi-Points. Experience counts and it may influence my future purchase. What was your return rate and problem rate for more expensive firearms?

So, which one of the high quality guns should I buy that will never have a firing pin problem, will never have a mechanical failure or other problems? I've been looking for that one.

What qualifies as high quality materials of construction? Should I go out and buy a plastic, er, excuse me gun with polymer construction, or all steel? And what grade of steel? If you want to get into a discussion on whether a polymeric synthetic organic chemical material is a plastic or not, I'd be happy to since I may have taught more college-level chemistry courses than you've taken. Although I am very impressed with the late wonders of chemistry, I wouldn't be surprised if any polymeric firearm doesn't breakdown quicker than a high-quality metal firearm.

If I were betting my life on the pistol firing and cycling in an emergency, I'm not too sure that the pistol woudn't be a revolver and not a semi-automatic.
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