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Gopack, I have shot HP's. I have sold them. I have taken them apart and replaced broken firing pins. They are what they are a cheap gun made of inferior materials. They shouldn't be carried chamber loaded (also recommended by the factory) and our customers complained that hollow points failed frequently. They are among the highest complaint guns we have ever sold. Do I hate Would I ever own one........only if the alternative was no gun. Long ago a salesman asked me a question while I was gun shopping and complaining about gun prices. He said "son, how much is your life worth". If that figure is 120 bucks get the hi point if not get the best gun you can. Why not put every advantage into your corner as possible? The bad guy has surprise on his side so why handicap yourself with a cheap gun? If Hi Points were as good as folks say here then why on earth have I never ever seen one in competition? Why hasn't it garnered selection by even a single Podunk police agency? They are cheap and would save on the police budget right. They are a gun for people who simply cannot afford better plain and simple. My life however is worth saving the extra money up for a decent fighting pistol.

BTW, I got into this thread by mistake. I thought someone said that Glock and AR owners were jealous of hi point owners. After me belly stopped hurting from intense laughter I was forced to post. Turns out I was wrong about what the guy said and am now stuck fighting off hoards of happy hi point hyenas LOL. Like a lion surrounded by lesser creature all nipping at my blind side. That was a snobby Glock owner joke guys LOL.
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