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As someone who is considering buying a High Point, I've been following this and other discussions on the pistols. The vehemence of each camp is interesting. Most folks who like HP's own them and shoot them. The most passionate anti-HP folks don't seem to have owned them or fired them. The anti-HP folks seem not to like them because they are (a) inexpensive; (b) look ugly; (c) may be made of inferior materials and (d) the manufacturer may or may not have made other "inferior" handguns. There are very few posters who can say "I owned one. It didn't shoot well or it was nothing but trouble." I've fired a mag from a C9 and was neither impressed nor unimpressed. It certainly didn't excite me as some have, but I wasn't turned off, either.

Anyone out there who has owned an HP and hates it because it was nothing but problems or was woefully inaccurate?
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