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Range Report

Three guns:
SA 1911 45/S&W 22A 22LR/HiPoint compact 9mm
All three guns are in breakin period. HiPoint was actually first firing.
Springfield 1911 45, 56 rnds of WWB. One or two failure to fully seat.
S&W 22A 22LR. 20 rnds with three FTE fully.
HiPoint compact 9mm, 39 rnds, first shooting. Absolutely zero hiccups.

Besides the HP shooting very well, it was far more accurate than I am.
I'll never buy WWB again. It's amazing how much carbon build up on the stainless slide. I mean, BLACK.

The HP shooting Independence 9mm left literally NO carbon buildup on the slide.

I realize this experience is only anecdotal and only time and more rounds will tell just how good or bad this HP pistol is. Just thought this information may be interesting to the thread.
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