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Pax. My wife is taller, but very slim and shoots a 45 commander, She wears a medium glove(W) but they tend to be baggy as she would fit into a small but her fingers are a tad long.

This summer, I had the pleasure of having 3 Taiwanese girls staying with us and with my parents. I took all three shooting, I have pics but they are on the other puter will try to post them later, all three tried: A hi power, a model 39 smith, (single stack full size 9), a commander, A model 13 S&W, a 36 2 inch, a 36-6 3 inch adjustable sight, a P22 , a mkI Ruger, and a M99 walther. The Hi-power won out, of the centerfires, and the MkI was preferred over the p22,

The 36-6 was the favored revolver, as they could hit better with it and it had nice rubber grips on it.

The 13 had over size "target" grips on it, and that was too big. When fitted with standard S&W grips they felt it was ok.

The Commander was nice, but they did not like the kick,

The P99 had too long a finger stroke and they did not have the finger strength either.

The Chiefs was too small and the sights too small. They much preferred the kit gun size of the 36-6

The P22 surprised me, they did not like it, said it was too light, waved around too much

The model 39 was a close second. it was actually perceived to be a bigger grip frame than the Hi-Power and thus not liked as much, also the alloy frame allowed snappier recoil than the Hi-power.

All three of them loved the hi-power, I was using mild 9mm reloads with lead bullets and they liked the grip, the weight soaking up recoil and the sights. Mine has three dot novaks. When i loaded some talons for the last mag each, they commented that it was snappier, but not painful. All three fired a box or more of 50 rounds with the hi-power. That night none of the three complained about soreness.

All three were under a 100 pounds, all three where about 5 2 or less, and all three were decidedly "girlly" meaning that they were not overly in to athletics or the like, and would fit into the complete novices category.

I did not include my daughter as even though she is bigger now, as a 5 foot 100 pound 12 year old her favorite two guns were the 4 5/8 inch BH in 45 colt and the P13 45 paraord.

I have found that many women even though they have smaller hands have a seemingly longer reach from the web of the hand to the trigger finger because they have less padding internally. My hands are only very slightly longer overall than my wife's, but she has much more trigger coverage than I do because my hand has more muscle in it and therefore more pushing my fingers back away from the trigger.

They did not like any handgun that forced them to fire double action all the time, the really liked the 4 pound trigger on the hi-power that had a C&S trigger job in it.
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