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believe it or not, Combat Handguns just did a review of the 9MM Hipoint and gave it a glowing review. This might be proof that some magazines never bad mouth a review gun, and did it to prove that in the extreme! Otherwise, I would not own one myself, but I do have a Raven lying around from the 80's. Always went bang everytime with 25 ball, as a fun gun (it was at the time). Only problem came when the mag spring got a little weak. Then it had some malfunctions, but I got a new mag for it at a gunshow for peanuts, and it continued to run. I still have it only because it is not worth selling! I think it might be a clone of some cheap German gun called a Reck, judging from the exploded view of that gun. So the Raven was not an original design. Don't know if the Reck was made of pot metal though.
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