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Awe did I upset you Monkey?

You seem upset. Glad you like your Special Weapons SW5. And thanks for the term correction, appreciate it.

Well, no matter the terms used here's some reading for you to consider on your "real deal" Special Weapons SW5's:

Here is my take on Todd and Wendy Bailey from Special Weapons
He is a jackass who does things that border on criminal. He has also got to be the crappiest businessman alive, and is an inverterate, compulsive liar. All I ask for is an apology and refund of the difference between the introductory price and the rip off 11/99 price gouge.

Here are my problems
#1 After 160 rounds the front site fell out due to the fact that the roll pin was never inserted.
#2 plastic lower has developed considerable lateral play from front to rear.
#3 Front forearm is exceptionally loose and where the front pin goes through to hold it on contacts the barrel and cocking tube and has already started to gall both areas.
#4 Firing pin head has started to mushroom
#5 Ejector face has started to mushroom
#6 The mag well is off spec and mags rattle or fall out becasue of disporporting.

Annon ville, California

Todd Bailey puts out unreliable, unsafe products. He always threatens to sue anyone that tells the truth.

John - La Mesa, California

I purchased a sw-5 from Speciality weapons and continually have malfunctions,failure to feed problems and casing dont eject and wind up inside the gun. The magagazine does not fit in the well properly making it loose. are there any remedies to these problems?

Cliff - Washington, North Carolina

I sure hope your life doesn't ever depend on these "copycats" in a real fight. The big gun-makers charge more for their weapons for a reason. Good materials, good machining, and good quality control cost more. Leave the crap for the gang-bangers. Want cheap but reliable, buy surplus SKS rifles for a song, and they won't get you killed from jamming when you need it to work.

Marc - Makaha, Hawaii

From another website under the search for "Special Weapons"

Special Weapons, or "Speshul Wepunz" as is they are commonly called in the industry, is a bottomfeeding company in Mesa Arizona, famous for low quality products and dishonest business practices. The owner, Todd Bailey, has been banned from every major firearms board in the US.

And more from

factory unit has the axle pins flush with the sides of the trigger mechanism housing and flat on the ends. All the axle pins in an HK trigger mechanism housing are teh same width - that is, the same as the width of the housing. The SW5 pins (A) seem to be randomly cut from dowell pins. This kindof shoddy detail work is typical of Special Weapons Products. The clearance cut for the semiauto shelf (B) is adequate. Quality manufacturers, however, copy the factory unit by welding a plate to cover this cut. The plate gives lateral rigidity to the trigger mechanism housing. Note that SW left the bare metal from the cut open to corrosion - they didn't even bother to refinish the unit after cutting on it. The weld at (C) however was never dressed down. This prevents the trigger mechanism housing from fitting into the grip frame without pounding it in and splaying the grip frame walls outward.
When converting a standard fullauto trigger mechanism housing to semiautomatic, a pin must be installed in the housing to limit trigger sweep. While the SW pin is functional, the complete lack of finish work is indicative of what you can expect from the compay.
Why would SW run this part of the trigger mechanism housing across a belt sander to reduce it smaller than the factory unit? Simple - the sloppy welds on the rest of the unit prevent it from fitting properly. I guess it was easier to grind down a correct area than to fix the incorrect ones.
The bolt carrier is another fine example of why Special Weapons has earned a reputation as the bottom-feeders of the industry. Apparently, due perhaps to welding the cocking tube on crooked (or welding through the cocking tube, leaving a ridge inside), the bolt carrier wouldn't fit. But again, instead of correcting the problem, they just ground down a correctly dimensioned part to make it fit. Disgusting.
Perhaps after examining the product closely, you will understand why I choose not to work with any products from Special Weapons, Todd Bailey, or any of his front companies.

I apologise for getting Vulcan/Hesse mixed up with Special Weapons, but as you can see it wasn't without reason.

Guess you got the exception to the rule Eh Monkey?
Just a big fan of guns.
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