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Okay, thanks guys.

I'm trying for data as objective as possible, from as many people as possible. Not having a lot of luck really.

gb, deanadell, would either or both you guys be willing to tell me your perception of the relative recoil of your wife's gun? It's the one thing that can't be checked while standing at the counter in the gun store; since your wives don't have "normal" pain perception, it'd be helpful if someone who did gave some feedback on relative recoil. Thanks.


Don't need to be female to answer the questions above, BTW. If your hands fit inside a ladies' medium garden glove (even if you'd never be caught dead wearing one!), you qualify.

Basically, I'm hoping to hear from people who are willing to take the "as objective as possible" standard above and give us some real data. I weary of being told (for example) that ___ is "good for small hands" when I don't know the poster's hand size (body size does not tell hand size!), and when the poster doesn't necessarily explain whether he is speaking from personal experience, observed experience, or simply heard it on the internet somewhere.

Worse, some of the "good for small hands" guns I have seen listed on various websites and discussion boards are, in my experience, lousy for the small handed people I have seen shooting them, and don't fit my hands well either. But I am only one person, a rather opinionated person at that, and I am by no means the measure of all small hands in the world (mine are medium-small rather than small-small, and it makes a difference; furthermore, I have more flexible tendons than most and that makes a difference too.)

Nevertheless, I don't know how some guns get on anyone's "good for small hands" list. It is entirely possible that they are out there simply because someone's wife (with big hands for a woman maybe even?) managed to shoot one well, and thus the gun becomes "a good girl gun" to that guy & his buddies, and girl hands = small hands in most minds, so whenever someone asks that guy or his buddies for small hand recommendations that gun is named, and if it's named online it is easily copied from one list to another, by people who don't have small hands themselves or who don't know how to check gun fit and who assumes the first guy knew what he was talking about. Or maybe I'm just all wet, I don't know. I've been wrong before, and probably will be again. Which is why I started this thread.


I'd sure like some data to work with ...

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