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my wife suffers from rheumatoid (sp?) arthritis, so has additional limitations aside from handsize. I tried her out with a .38 snubbie, with rubber grips...her wrists couldn;t handle even the milder wadcutter rounds. I've tried her out on numerous small caliber autos....limp-wrists them and stovepipes the empties on everthing except my Ruger Mark I, which I guess is heavy enough on it's own to overcome that problem.

Bought the NEF back before they started calling it the "Lady Ultra". Loaded with .32 S&W Long ammo she controls it well, usually being able to put all 5 rounds in the center of the target at 10 yards in about a 4 inch group.....pretty respectable for a 2" barrel in a cheap revolver.

Being a big bore fan myself, nothing I would want to get into a gunfight with but for a nightstand gun, she is very comfprtable and confident with it, which in my opinion is over half the battle won.

Have no idea what these retail for now. I bought hers about 12 years ago for about $135.00 brand new.

Interestingly enough, one other revolver she likes to shoot is an old S&W British Service Revolver in my collection. I believe these were "K" frames. grips are very small on these old smiths.
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