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Some food for thought,

As an NRA Pistol Instructor I've had the opportunity to observe many different women, (and men), wih smaller hands grip and fire several different handguns. The biggest issue for most is not the grip, length of trigger pull, etc, it is accessing and operating the controls on a semi auto. Most have a very difficult time operating the slide release, safety / decocker, and mag release.
For this reason they, (small hands), tend to be most comfortable with a small frame double action revolver. Most of my lady students really like my Colt Cobra. As to semi auto they seem to prefer the Glock 19 I use in the course, however many still struggle with the slide release and find sling shotting the first round in much easier.
These are pretty much general observations. If a particular student wants to shoot a particular handgun that may not be ideal, I simply tell them to practice, practice, practice. They should be able to develop their own safe, but usually somewhat unorthodox techniques.

Take Care
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