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Answering my own questions with some guns that just happened to be "on hand..."

Glock 26

1: c (perfect)
2: b (a tiny bit big for me)
3: d (Striker-fired semi auto)
4: c (doublestack)
5: 9mm
6: a (have frequently shot several hundred in an afternoon)
7: Extended slide stop lever -- way more comfy for my thumb, and less shifting of hand to reach it. Gun has an internal laser, the now-obsolete frame-installed CT laser.
8: ladies' medium

KelTec P32

1: c (with lots of room to spare)
2: c (lines up well with forearm)
3: c (DA semi auto)
4: b singlestack
5: .32 Auto (too small for defense, IMO, but others' opinions vary!)
6: b (slappy, but not too onerous; after 50 rounds it always needs cleaning anyway...!)
7: none
8: ladies' medium

Comment: I had the KelTec P3AT for a brief while last spring. It fit my hand the same way as the P32. Chambered in .380 auto, the recoil was so snappy-slappy unpleasant that it took a severe effort of will to fire more than a couple of rounds. Yeowch.

Springfield Armory 1911-A1 (fullsize)

1: c (perfect)
2: b/c (teensy tiny bit big)
3: e (SA semi auto)
4: b (singlestack)
5: .45 ACP
6: a (I've often put a couple hundred rounds downrange out of this one)
7: Crimson Trace lasergrips. Extended thumb safety. Short trigger. (Dunno brand names.)
8: ladies' medium

Additional comment: I have to shift my hand around quite a bit to manipulate the slide stop lever, but I can ride the safety if I want to.

Springfield Armory XD9 SubCompact

1: c (perfect)
2: c (perfect) (it pained me to write that ... when my beloved G26 didn't quite measure up!)
3: d (Striker-fired semi auto)
4: c (doublestack)
5: 9mm
6: a (can and have sent a lot of rounds downrange at one sitting)
7: bone stock
8: still ladies' medium

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