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Good Guns for Small Hands (please read 1st post carefully!)

Hi all,

I am composing a list of guns which work well for small hands.

In this case, I define "small hands" as hands which easily fit within a ladies' small or medium glove. If your hands are bigger than that, they are not "small hands" for purposes of this question!

If you recommend a gun for the list, I'd like you to also answer the following.


1) Gun fit question (follow the link for pictures if my wording here doesn't make sense). Place the distal crease of your trigger finger on the face of the trigger. Do not pull the trigger back in any way, nor cock the gun (eg DA/SA guns are measured in DA mode). When you wrap the rest of your hand around the gun to attain a firing grip, does the gun's backstrap connect with your hand
a) somewhere along the thumb itself, or
b) at the base knuckle of the thumb, or
c) in the web of your hand
2) Gun fit question. Holding the gun as in Question #1, and with your wrist as straight as you can get it, you draw an imaginary line from the muzzle of the gun along the barrel. The line continues indefinitely. Does the line
a) run over your thumb, but no other part of your hand or arm, or
b) run sorta-kinda along your wrist for a short distance, or
c) run exactly parallel with your forearm
3) Gun type question. Is the gun a
a) SA revolver
b) DA revolver
c) DA or DA/SA semi auto
d) striker-fired semi auto
e) SA semi auto
4) Gun type question. Is the gun a
a) revolver
b) single stack
c) double stack
5) What caliber is the gun you measured?

6) In your subjective opinion, is the gun's recoil
a) mild (without gloves, you wouldn't mind shooting 100 consecutive rounds)
b) moderate (without gloves, about 50 rounds would be okay, maybe not more though), or
c) severe (without gloves, you'd rather not shoot more than 25 consecutive rounds).
7) Note grips & any alterations done to the gun (eg shortened trigger -- brand, grip type -- brand, grip reduction -- gunsmith name)

8) Your glove size is
a) Ladies' small
b) Ladies' medium
Thanks! I hope this will be a good resource thread for everyone, and I hope to learn some things.

Kathy Jackson
My personal website: Cornered Cat
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