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What kind of friendly competition would one find where you could shoot a CZ or Winchester 52? There must be something that is more fun than spending 3K on the pro match outfits and taking years to develop the discipline to shoot such matches. I know 3p and Prone Matches are out of the question for me.

I too have an interest in some target competitions but where do I find the guys who have the fun and are much less serious?

Is Bull’s-eye paper punching at say 50' or 75' a sport that can be enjoyed for less than $1,000?

I have the interest in trying casual matches but don't know where to look or what such matches would be called or what gun and gear is required. This is a new direction of shooting for me. Reading this thread, maybe some of the other posters here may have interest in the lower level games too. Any suggestions would be helpful.

I hope I am not getting too far off topic.
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