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Thank you. Good anatomical sketch, that.

Looking at the diagrams at the far end of that link, it occurs to me a bullet that's optimal for a shot from either flank or head - on is, by definition, a bullet you wouldn't want to fire at the rear end, the Texas Heart Shot discussed in a nother thread. Deer aren't that big and the lungs and heart aren't more then a couple of inches below the skin. A huge buck might have its' heart eight or nine inches below the skin, but not more, really. The SST or something similar, in either 7mm-08 or .280, is really as much as you'd want, and I'd like mine in 140 gr. This is another good reason to not take stern shots, save, as Long Path was commenting, to stop a wounded animal.

Slowly we learn .... heh heh heh.
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