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Quick anecdote which may or may not be relevant re: colorblindness.

It is widely accepted that deer are color blind but turkeys are not. In fact, turkeys are supposed to see color very well, right?

Well, last year, I set up my deer archery target as a deer decoy, and was about to walk off to set up some distance away, when I heard a noise 40 or 50 yards through the woods, so I sat down and leaned against a tree not 10 or 11 yards from the decoy. I was wearing camo-blaze jacket, but a plain old bright blaze baseball cap. So, here come about 7 turkeys through the woods, and they come right over to the deer decoy and they more or less stop while standing in a semi-circle around the decoy, looking at it. They were fairly fascinated with it and obviously have a trusting relationship with deer. Well, I was perfectly still. A couple of the turkeys though, eventually started looking at me curiously, then they slowly wandered off. They were ever-so-slightly disturbed, but not too much. They did not run off. Remember, they were just about 10 yards from me on the *ground*, in complete plain view, with all kinds of orange on.

The moral of the story is, since turkeys DO see color, that regardless of whether deer do or do not see color, color alone may not disturb them necessarily, so the key factor is being still, still, still! Of course, this theory may be off a little, since deer are much smarter than turkeys. But there seems to be validity to the idea that a little bit of color won't hurt you with anything provided you are still. It also adds to the idea (possibly) that a camo pattern breaking up your blaze may very well help (who knows, those turkeys may not have even gotten close to me at all, had I been wearing ye olde picnic tablecloth orange). In fact, remember that during the spring and summer, turkeys are used to seeing colored wildflowers in patches. They're too dumb to understand when fall has come and summer's gone, so a camo'ed-blaze vest may very well resemble a patch of wildflowers to them, more or less. Just a thought....
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