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Mulling over this thread, I do believe I will leave the head shots alone.

This thread's shots, as discussed, have been classic broadside shots. Texas heart shots are a different thread, and will be discussed separately.

What about head-on angles? If a deer is looking at you, straight on, a straight line can directly touch no more then one lung, the heart, or CNS. A bullet that strikes the breastbone might well damage all three, but that's ... fancy. Any bullet into the chest is going to dump a lot of energy farther aft then you'd like, and the gut cavity's going to be a messy, messy clean afterwards. What would be your preferred shot? The centerline of the neck offers windpipe, carotid artery and spine in close proximity, but even a shot low enough on the neck to minimize the risk of blowing the shot and just wounding the animal is still too high for the heart/lungs. I'd still rather shoot directly at the heart, since a slightly off shot will still hit a lung, but what would you do?
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