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Food & Sex

I used to pretend to have 'food' and stand at the stern of the boat and watch flocks of pelicans scramble all over the place following the boat back to the marina... I would pretend to throw something - and pelicans would swoop in and follow for miles... Amazing.. We probably underestimate our own dinner bells - but many advertisors<sp> manage to find them...and we do things less rational than pelicans ie. there's a market for 5 foot long Conan swords on QVC.

One aspect of 'scent control' that sorta bothers me - is that if I'm out in bear country I don't want to smell like an elk or a deer. Think about it - one has masked the human scent, and just killed a deer...and as you carry the deer meat back out of the might want to smell like something else. For example, I wouldn't want to deoderize my body and dip myself in fish chum - so as to be a better spearfisherman when snorkling... so why would I want to smell like a doe when carrying bloody deer meat in grizzly country.
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