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Leave it to a cop to not beable to understand the writings about Ms Wolfe.
She not anticop,she is agaist those in your ranks that think that they are above the law.
She is against the cops that think they do not have to be accountable for any of their actions.
She is against be lable a cop hater just be cause she has the balls to speak
when you and some of your buddies go over the top.

Claire Wolfe anticop?

You just don't like someone shinning a light on your faults.
Forgive me for getting off topic but sir, you don't know me. I bust my butt working for one of the most politically correct government agencies catching child molesters, murderers, alien smugglers, drug runners and other scumbags coming through out borders illegally. We're not "above the law." We have less rights than the people we apprehend. I never said Ms. Wolffe was a cop hater, just anti-police. There's a big difference and I also stated that her articles are a great read.

Back on Topic:

I really enjoyed Larry Coreirra's review on the XCR. It's nice to read a review by someone who will actually print a product's pros/cons/faults and malfunctions. You don't get that today in the other gun magazines.
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