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Great day at the Ranch

Well, Archerandshooter and I just can't wait for hunting season, so today we went to a local private ranch, Cougar Run Ranch, up north of Houston. I was going for an axis doe, but for the first time in weeks in r-a-i-n-e-d all morning long so they were sleeping in. We took out over the ranch in a fourwheeler, and eventually flushed some, but by then I'd gotten into a conflict with a big old nasty-tempered sow who clearly didn't think I had a right to be in HER woods. She'd charge us for 10 feet, stop, charge, stop, guide was yelling "SHOOT HER, SHE'S GOING TO CHARGE YOU!" Unfortunately, a good portion of her ugly self was shielded behind some small trees, but she stuck her face out to keep an eye on me, and I got her. Amazingly, although she was SHOT IN THE HEAD, the thing cartwheeled, flopped over, rolled, then got herself up and ran! We caught up with her and when my Remington 700 .243 jammed up (it's on its way over to the gunsmith shortly ) the ranch owner finished her up quickly.

Archerandshooter can tell his own story, but suffice it to say, he was charged by a seriously-p***ed off boar that wheeled off to the side at the last minute, giving him a double-lung shot to finish it off. I cheered. My guide cheered. It was a super shot. That's my husband for you!

So between us we have 150-175 pounds of pork coming in the next week or two and more importantly, had the time of our lives. That was my first time on the back of a fourwheeler sitting on a shooting chair, careening through the woods chasing deer and pigs. I had the time of my LIFE. Redneck babushkas of the world, UNITE!!!!!

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