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Same materials and design as the Hi-Point........go figure.
The Hi-Point and other similar guns mentioned before all use the same zinc alloy material and striker fire design. The cheapest of the cheap.

The Glocks plastic saves money in both materials and manufacturing however the material offers no reduction in durability in fact some feel it is better. It also aids in softening recoil and cutting weight. In contrast the Hi-Points usage of zinc alloy definitely contributes to its bulk and lack of durability. It is not safe to carry chamber loaded and it will not feed hollowpoints. The steel used in the barrel & slide of the Glock is vastly superior to anything in the Hi-Point. The Glock will feed hollowpoints with 100 percent reliability. I could go on and on. You just can't compare the two.

Tell you what take your Hi-point out to an action pistol match and see how you fare. Post the results for us LOL.
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