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I recently sold my Glock 21 and the Comp 9 Hi-Point remains.That was a smart move.I have no concerns about the Hi-Point kabooming on me when I pull the trigger.
If selling a G-21 in favor of a Hi-Point is smart to you, we have nothing else to talk about LOL.

Sold buckets of Jennings, Bryco's, Raven's, Lorcin's, Pheonix arms, Davis's and even your highly touted Hi-Point's and most worked fine. The problem gun rate was about the same for all brands except the Raven. It was less prone to problems. Not because of better quality rather less powerful cartridge 25acp (I believe).

At any rate should never even mention Glock in the same sentence with Hi-Point. They are in different leagues like say a Cadillac and a Yugo. The Yugo will crank and drive but it ain't no Cadillac.

The Jennings 9 is one of the worst made handguns ever
Same materials and design as the Hi-Point........go figure.
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