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Anyone who compares Hi-Point to Jennings ,Lorcin,Raven & Bryco is downgrading them substantially.Hi-Point makes a very good and reliable product and sells it for a bargain price.Thats reality folks.
There is absolutely no difference between the above listed guns except shape. They are made from the same zinc alloy material. They are striker fired, only the striker remains fully cocked and held by only a 1/16 (or so) piece of pop metal. They all represent the absolute lowest common denominator in handguns. These guns should never be carried locked and loaded because its dangerous. BTW You can't downgrade a hi-point. They are the bottom of the barrel in terms of quality or craftmanship, materials, etc. All the guns listed above functioned well with hardball just like the Hi-Point.

If all you can afford is a hi-point by all means get one. I owned a raven once before I realized how shoddy the guns were. I look at it like this, if you shoot alot you will need several hi-points in a lifetime as they will wear out sooner that say a Glock. Just save the money and get the Glock and be done with it.
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