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Dixie slugs/brass cases

TC? is that Thompson Center, do you slit them?

Dave, at Rocky Mt. seems to be very concerned about my chamber measurement as to selling me brass, and wants me to send him a casting measurement of my Hastings chamber. I can't believe the length or diameter is that critical, with straight wall, rimmed low pressure. He also contends his brass does not take to crimping. When you say run into die, what die?? I would think regular shotgun dies would not press brass against bullet tight enough for the recoil they have to stand in the magazine tube of a pump, without actually crimping into one of the grooves on bullet. Wonder if a Mec sizer tool could squeeze em enough?? Dave believes putting the slug inside brass case with glued wad over it is the correct loading, but I think that squared off sharp brass wouldn't chamber as easy as the rounded lead. And I might as well save my money and just load in plastic if that is true. After all, part of this exercise is to have a round that looks like it's for a mean rifle :-) How are your loads for the Chinese 1885 replica holding up under recoil in it's tube with the Dixie Terminator slug? That's still a smooth bore isn't it? Was that 600gr. in the 1887 a saboted round or something else?

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