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The TC 12ga muzzle loading shotcups are what I used
for 600NE slugs. Beveled sides bullet base to set them into
cup ok. They aren't real tight fit, and accuracy won't
be the best.Using Rocky Mtn cases, that freebore won't matter.
If 2 7/8 cases feed from magazine your ok.
May have to cut it back as I think 3 inch chamber guns have
plastic cases 2 3/4 inches when crimped.As for crimping,
our cases have enough tension in the neck to make a
tight fit on slug.Then run mouth into die to close
the brass a little tighter. And I have the front corner of case rounded on the front edge to give
smooth feeding.

The 1000 gr slugs may not stabilize if twist is too slow. My savage is 1 to 20, and would work.Pressure would be a problem in load developement in guns of Rem,Mossberg,etc pump
action types.That is why 730gr Dixie is nice.Ed
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