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---This is a vote from me in favor of Hi-Point---

Now, honestly my gun experience is quite limited, owning only four firearms myself and only one being the Hi-Point. It's a C9 compact. For me, it's ugly and feels bluky when I rack it when compared to my Glock 17. It was explained to me that the only trait truly against it is that it's made from "lesser quality" materials, that it may break down after 5,000 rounds where others go for 20,000. It apparently might be a bad choice for people who compete or go shooting 3 times a week.

Now, my pro's and reason for purchasing it. It added to my collection, and only cost me $175 with two mags and an Uncle Mike's shoulder holster through a private party cash sale. At the end of the day, it shoots quite straight and allows me to put 8 rounds of 9mm ammo into defensive play.

Not a bad choice in my humble newbie opinion. A cheap 9mm in your holster is better than the expensive 9mm still in the store keeper's case.
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