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Having sold hi points, Jennings, Bryco, Lorcin, Raven and other similar pistols in the past I can tell you that they have many problems. So much trouble that we stopped selling them all. Broken firing pins, FTF, FTE, parts breakage like safeties, mag releases.
Anyone who compares Hi-Point to Jennings ,Lorcin,Raven & Bryco is downgrading them substantially.Hi-Point makes a very good and reliable product and sells it for a bargain price.Thats reality folks.
Hi Point is for a person with no guns at all and no plans for further guns.
There is some truth to this,although my Comp 9 Hi-Point was one of my first handguns and I still have and shoot it even though there is a much wider selection now.
Regarding their "lifetime warranty"- The company that makes Hi Point goes in and out of business frequently. They have been Raven, Jennings, Sundance, and several other incarnations.
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