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If its all you can afford and want one go right ahead. They are not nice guns at all but they do 99.9% of what any gun does. Every man has the right to protect himself and Hi point makes it possible. They make the cheapest gun possible and they know this. Anyway my freind had one, it was accurate and reliable. He reasembled it wrong and couldnt take it back apart so he had to send it back to the manufacturer. They fixed him right up and he had the gun back within two weeks. A week later the frame cracked but it still ran fine, but he sold it to another freind. I have to say though you mentioned you have other guns. I think Hi point is geared more toward a different knid of customer than yourself. Hi Point is for a person with no guns at all and no plans for further guns. They're usually for a person on an extremely tight budget who needs a gun to protect his family with period, not to review and test group size and share experiences with people online. Dont think I'm telling you what to do, I'm not I'm just saying they're USUALLY for a different kind of customer. Good luck
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