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I will continue to try and will make the effort to improve, but be advised, I will get in peoples faces that don’t use good manners, when pointing out short falls
That I would not recommend. Responding in-kind to personal attacks is a good way to get banned along with the primary antagonist. Also, I think you're getting a bit too upset over relatively polite attempts to point out errors in your spelling and grammar. (Sarcastic responses are not necessarily personal attacks.)

Can you really expect someone to read a post discussing "illeagle alians" and "emigrants" (when you mean "immigrants") and not mention one or both of those errors? What would you think of a post discussing machining and using "tule dyes?"

Words are nearly all we have to communicate over the internet. It may not be fair to people like you, but it's the truth. Try to improve, and don't get upset when someone corrects you, sarcastically or otherwise.

I am using the Microsoft Word Spell check and generating my post there then apply them to the thread so far I think it is helping but if not I’m sure you will let me know. I’m an old dog but I can be thought, under the right set of procedures and guidance.
Turn on grammar checking, too. MS Word gets some things wrong, but pay attention to the errors it finds, and it'll help you.
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