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There are things you skimp on and things you don't. The first thing I learned not to skimp on was toilet paper LOL. The second was guns. Here I determined that if I was going to potentially risk death on a handgun, while trying to defend myself, I would spare no expense to get the best handgun available to do so. I have owned hi point type pistols (although briefly) in the past and while they shot ok they had unacceptable limitations. Having sold hi points, Jennings, Bryco, Lorcin, Raven and other similar pistols in the past I can tell you that they have many problems. So much trouble that we stopped selling them all. Broken firing pins, FTF, FTE, parts breakage like safeties, mag releases. They are also made of inferior metal which requires them to be bulkier than other guns of equal caliber. Unless it was all that I could afford, I wouldn't handle another in that category. I would save longer and buy a pistol that put every available percentage point for surviving a gun fight in my favor.
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